Small Business & Residential Computer Repair

We Can Solve Any Problem, Big or Small

Computer running slow

If your computer is running slow, don’t wait to have the issue evaluated! Older computers that are running slow often have eminent hard drive failures. If your hard drive fails, and you did not have adequate back up, you will have irrevocable data loss. Any computer older than five years should probably be replaced. We are willing to take a look at your computer and help you determine what the best course of action should be.

Computer won't power on

We have the diagnostic equipment and ability to fix a variety of issues. Most often the issue is a power supply failure. Call us and set up an appointment, and we will diagnose what is wrong.

Frequent Crashes, Blue Screens

If your computer is having frequent crashes or showing you “blue screens of death” this is usually a hardware issue. Schedule an appointment to bring us your computer and we will run hardware diagnostics to figure out what is wrong with your PC.

Virus Removal

If you think your computer has a virus, call us! We have the ability to remove most viruses by remote access. It is not always necessary to bring your computer to us. Also, we have a cyber security solution to prevent you from getting any future viruses. Occasionally, computers need to be wiped and re-loaded to ensure the virus is gone. We will do our best to wipe and reload your PC without data loss.

Broken or Cracked Screen

We have the ability to disassemble almost any laptop screen (including Mac.) We will replace any cracked screens on the device. If we do not have your replacement part in-stock, we can special-order it for you. We can replace batteries, and swap out hard drives for SSDs, etc.