Introduction to skippITs

skippITs is a full service IT company that specializes in providing business owners with the technology solutions they need to grow. In this post, we will explore how skippITs can help you make your business more efficient and profitable, using technology.

Business IT vs Consumer IT

A lot of business owners do not realize there is a difference between business IT, and consumer IT. Think about it this way, when you are a consumer, you buy yourself a computer. But when you are a business owner, you buy yourself a reliable computer. See the difference? skippITs is designed for businesses, Best Buy is designed for consumers.

As a business IT company, we have found four things to be the most requested attributes by business owners.

Customer Oriented

There is nothing as bad as dealing with an IT company that cares more about the technology than they do you. At skippITs, we are dedicated to providing you and your employees the best experience possible. We are not going to load you down with a bunch of technical jargon, we fix the problem and get out of the way. The faster, the better. If it’s an issue a little training will fix, we will do the training. The less time spent on the phone with us is the more time you and your employees have to focus on your business.


When it comes to technology in business, reliability is a key focus. Downtime costs you money, so investing in reliable technology is important. If you get this wrong, your business will suffer. With our vast experience across all types of companies, we can prevent reliability issues.


There is nothing more frustrating than investing in technology, and then 2 years down the road your company outgrows it. This is why we factor in scalability when we provide solutions. If the technology won’t scale, it’s not good for your growth.


As a business owner you’re always pinching pennies to make sure your business can make ends meet. Being a business owner myself I understand this principle all too well. However, I always caution my clients against making this a higher priority than reliability and scalability. With that being said, every solution we provide takes into account affordability. If a lower cost solution meets the criteria, that will be our recommendation.

Solutions We Provide

What are the solutions we provide? Well, what are your frustrations? Maybe a computer is running slow and you or your employee is wasting time waiting on it? Maybe there are processes in your business that take too long, and you would like to find a faster way to do it. Maybe you have internet reliability issues?

Every good business owner looks for inefficiencies and problems in their business. If you are stumped at what to do about a problem in your business, feel free to ask us. After all, our first consultation is free!

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James Generaux

James Generaux

James has been working on computers for over 20 years. Between careers at IBM, and also one of the largest electric cooperatives in the US, he has worked all aspects of IT. Deciding to step out of corporate IT, he established in order to serve small businesses who were in need of professional IT support.